Dallas Texas Sklyline

The Sigma Chi Dallas Alumni Chapter, est. 1911dallas sigma chi alumni circle 400

The decision to join Sigma Chi was a lifelong commitment. Our experiences in college as Brothers now open doors to a life of connections to fellow Sigs beyond our Alma Mater. Through the Dallas Alumni Chapter (DAC), Members are able to grow our network and our Sigma Chi community through a variety of events and resources such as monthly chapter meeting / speaker luncheons, monthly networking lunches, happy hours, sporting events, golf tournaments, etc., and we encourage you to join us as a Member!

Sigma Chi has the most committed alumni members in the Greek world. The sacred bonds of brotherhood are strengthened through our local Sig community in the greater Dallas area, and Sigma Chi International Fraternity has recognized the Dallas Alumni Chapter as an Outstanding Alumni Chapter! The DAC also raises funds through its Annual Golf Tournament to support the L. Wayne Tucker Jordan Standard Leadership Scholarship fund, created by the DAC in the fall of 2022 for undergraduate chapter student leaders. Additionally, we raise funds to support the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the Salvation Army, and Texas undergraduate chapters in need. 


“We belong to a society worthy of our highest regard and warmest affection. We are united in the strong and enduring bonds of friendship and esteem. Let us each and all so do our duty and conduct ourselves that we bring no dishonor upon our society or each other. And we may have the high and proud satisfaction of knowing that our beautiful White Cross, at once the badge of our society and the emblem of purity, will never be worn over any breast which does not beat with pure, generous, and noble emotions, and by no man who is not a man of honor.”

-Isaac M. Jordan
The Cincinnati Grand Chapter, August, 1884